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Becken Villanders

Construction of an artificial reservoir in Villanders

Brücke Albeins

Cable-stayed bridge in Albeins and viaduct in Brixen


Transfer of water pipes for the Luisamoth hydroelectric power station in Lurx-Sterzing

Mülldeponie Eisacktal-Wipptal

Construction of the Eisacktal-Wipptal district waste disposal site for harmless refuse in Grasstein (municipality Franensfeste)

Biathlonanlage Ridnaun

Juniors World Championship 2002 – biathlon plant in Ridnaun

Brücke Pfatten

Bridge for accessing the Safe Driving Centre in Pfatten-Bozen

Becken Villanders

Construction of an artificial reservoir in Villanders

Mülldeponie Schabs

Expansion of the waste disposal site in Schabs



 The great variety of geological and climatic circumstances across the entire Alpine area constantly presents us with all-new challenges. By employing and offering highly qualified personnel and a modern and efficient choice of machinery, we can deal with every situation both rapidly and flexibly. We therefore grow with each new task and challenge.



Tiefbau, Tiefbauunternehmen, südtirol, sterzing, brixen, baggerarbeiten, tunnelbau

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