Brennerautobahn A22

 Orderly maintenance of the road surface on the Brenner motorway (A22), installation of “whisper asphalt” for the stretch Brenner – Klausen in the years 2008-2009

MEBO - Kaiserberg - Eppan

MEBO Expressway: works for the construction of the Kaiserberg tunnel and with  the Bozen-Eppan junction


Construction of Auer bypass (SS 12) and connecting road between Auer – S. Lugano (SS 48) and the motorway (A 22)



Innovative road networks and environmental strategies require future-orientated infrastructures. The quality of our modern traffic routes guarantees – especially in the Alps – the standard of safety which is necessary for anyone travelling and for the essential goods to reach all citizens. The size of our company allows us to undertake and complete grandiose visions and challenging projects within an extremely short time. 


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